Friday, 10th July 2015, 10 am 
until Tuesday, 14th July, 5 pm

ESPACE HEALING proudly presents

Once again we have the great pleasure to announce Prem Joshua, the pioneer of world music and multi instrumentalist. He will enliven our meditation festival together with his fellow musicians Robin, Satgyan and Raul. In addition, Dhyan Manish will instruct the meditations.

The fascinating sounds of the sitar, bamboo flute and soprano saxophone, accompanied by tablas, congas, the darbouka and bass guitar, create vibrating compositions full of energy. Old Sufi and Sanskrit verses, interlaced in touching chants, are mixed with Raga (holy Indian music) and modern keyboard melodies.

Prem Joshua has been studying Indian music with different masters for 32 years. He has specialized in playing the sitar, bamboo flute and soprano saxophone and in vocals. For many years he has had teachings by the famous Sitar master Ustad Usman Khan. Based on studies of classical Raga music, Joshua lives his passion of creating new sounds. The speciality of his music is the fusion of classical Indian music with modern music of the western world.

Joshua has created his own style close to "Indo Global Music". Indian cosmopolitan cities as well as international publicity appreciate his contemporary edition of traditional Indian music. He performs regularly with his band in cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Goa.

Robin, originally from Copenhagen, is a master of loop and synthesizer, his music is orientated towards the "urban lounge" style, contemporary jazz and trance. He contributes similarly to vocals and percussion.

Satgyan FUKUDA, from Tokyo, the band's bass guitarist, has had many years of experience with famous bands of "World Music" in Japan and Europe.

Raul SENGUPTA, originally from Calcutta, is called a real phenomenon of Indian rhythmics. As a student of Master Shankar Gosh, a celebrated virtuoso of tablas, Raul is able to create a rhythmical firework with his tablas. With his darbouka, his African djembe and his congas he takes us into the magic of oriental rhythmics.

Daily programme (example)

7.30 am Dynamic meditation or Chakra breathing or No-mind meditation

8.30 am Breakfast

10.00 am Satsang (music and silence) - live music

11.30 am Nataraj or Stop dance meditation - live music

1.00 pm Lunch

3.00 pm Demonstration workshops

5.00 pm Kundalini, Heart Chakra or "Path of the heart" meditation

6.30 pm Evening Satsang - live music

8.00 pm Dinner



During the camp Dhyan Manish will instruct and present Osho's meditations to the music of Prem Joshua and his fellow musicians. On all days of the festival various therapists of different sectors will offer workshops of two hours each. They will introduce you to their spiritual ideas on the development of human consciousness.


You  may participate in the concert only.
- reservation required -

Price: 45 € including food, 35 € without food

Prices for the festival
5 days: 300 €
1 day: 75 €
Accommodation and full board:
55 € per day (dormitory, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Single and double rooms are available, please contact us for price details.
Prepayment: 150 €
Concert only on Monday, 13th July 2015:
45 € including food, 35 € without food

Limited number of participants - please book well in advance