Seit mehr als 20 Jahren berate ich als Coach Firmen und Privatpersonen um damit zur Verbessrung menschlicher Beziehungen beizutragen und der Anhebung des individuellen wie des kollektiven Potentials. Ich habe viele Verfahrensweisen und Methoden gelernt und vertieft, die mir heute ermöglichen dem Menschen, die ihm gegebenen Defizite anzuheben. Im Laufe der Zeit habe ich verstanden, dass das Praktizieren von aktiver Meditation eine essentielle Antwort bietet, die unausweichlich zur Transformation führt.
Seit mehr als 12 Jahren integriere ich diese Dimension in Gruppen, die ich entwickle und den Meditationsgruppen, die ich regelmäßig anbiete.

Saturday 05th until Sunday 06th December

All meditation weekends start at 10 am on the Saturday and end at 5 pm on the Sunday.

The active meditations created by the enlightened Master OSHO help us become conscious of the unconscious and the restrictions which have been accumulated deeply in our inner being. They allow us to let go and enjoy a profound state of meditation.

These meditations are practised worldwide and there is no need for a religion or a belief. All you need is a firm determination to explore and go more and more deeply into your inner self, thus enabling yourself to find and live your authentic being.

During the weekend I will introduce you to various meditations (Dynamic, Kundalini, Chakra Breathing, No Mind, Tribal Dance, Mystic Rose and others). There will be time for feedback and exchange concerning your experiences during the meditations.

You will also be able to relax and draw energy from the place with its abundant natural surroundings. You may want to go for a walk and enjoy the lovely views.

This weekend is specially addressed to beginners, but of course everybody already practising Osho's meditations or others are welcome, too.

Price for the weekend: 150 € (including shared room and full board)
Twin or single rooms are available (please contact us for price details).
Advance payment: 70 €
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