Thursday,16th October 2014, 8 pm
until Sunday, 19th October, 5 pm

Systemic family constellations allow us to understand family schemes on a profound level. Very often we carry heavy burdens which stem from the families we come from. With the help of a family constellation we can bring these burdens to the surface and free ourselves from them. These burdens may be fateful incidents which happened a long time ago and in which we are unconsciously enmeshed mostly out of a deep, blind love for our family.

Once these fateful enmeshments become apparent and once the burden resolves itself a new order establishes itself within the family allowing the love that has been frozen to flow again. Then there will be the experience that our ancestors can be a strong force and that blessings can come from them.

Family constellations can help solve a variety of problems, such as:

- Relationship difficulties with regard to family, partners, children, job or oneself
- Blockages and other persisting symptoms
- Lack of tenacity of life
- Asthenia
- Difficulty in finding one's place in life
- The feeling not to be part of it all
- Lack of money
- Feelings of deprivation
- Loss of beloved people or animals

In this group each participant will have the chance to address their own issues and use their individual family constellation to resolve them. There will also be time for discussion and relaxation.

The number of participants is limited to 12.

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(German / English)

Price for the group (3 days): 270 €
Accommodation and full board: 55 € per day (dormitory)
Twin and single rooms are available, please contact us for price details.
Prepayment: 100 €